Monday, 14 September 2009

I had a pretty good day at my new job. My new boss talked to me about my ordeal last week. He said that he was glad that I brought everything to his attention. We both agreed that we would put it behind us and make our department the best. I'm glad that I took this position. I was apprehensive at first. Everyone in the department is so nice. They have made me feel welcome.

Now, to tell you about my buys at the Talbot's outlet. I bought a hot pink corduroy blazer, a hot pink cardigan, a chocolate brown cardigan, a brown long sleeved tee, a white long sleeved tee, a navy with white polka dot 3/4 sleeve cardigan, some socks, a pair of tights and a pair of faux peridot earrings. Everything was 30% off outlet prices, plus I received double points.

Last Monday, I started a new eating program, but I was bad over the weekend. Today, I was good, plus I walked on the treadmill this evening. If I can keep it up for a few weeks, maybe I'll lose some weight. Wish me luck.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

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Preppy 101 said...

Glad you are feeling good about your job! You new clothes sound divine!! xoxo