Sunday, 2 May 2010

This has been a busy weekend.

Yesterday, we started the day by going to buy a gift for a one year old's birthday party. My sister was going to go with us and take her three foster children. We called right before we left to make sure that they were ready. My sister said that she couldn't go because she was afraid that she was coming down with a stomach virus. Her sister-in-law came and got the older 2 children and we took the 2 year old to the party with us. He thoroughly enjoyed the party. He had fun playing with the other children. After the birthday party, we drove to the next town to an Eagle Scout ceremony for my cousin's grandson. It was a nice ceremony. The 2 year old fell asleep on the way home. We stopped by my sister's house and she was still sick. We took him on home with us and he spent the night and the day today. He is spending the night again with my mother.

I left to come back to Birmingham early because of the rainy weather. It rained the entire way back. I stopped by Panera and got some soup and a blueberry scone. When I got home, I fixed a pot of tea and am now relaxing on the sofa watching I Love Lucy. In a few minutes, Desparate Housewives will be on.

Please keep the folks in Tennessee in your thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine 20 inches and counting of rain.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.

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