Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I spent today resting up from yesterday's shopping trip to Atlanta. We left the house at 5:58 am and did not get back until about 7:30 pm.

Our first stop was at AmericasMart. The first store that I stopped in was Morgan & Company. I just love that place. I bought 2 small canvas purses, one black and the other one lime green. Each one came with about 6 or 8 different ribbons that can be changed out to match my outfits. I also bought a set of faux chocolate pearl jewelry: necklace, bracelet and stud earrings. I don't think I would wear them enough to invest in the real thing. I also bought a 16" wide silver necklace. I have several monogrammed pendants that I can wear on it. At another store, I found some silver earrings that had a lime green/turquoise swirl inlay. They match one of my Lilly dresses perfectly. My mother and her friends bought necklaces and earrings at another store. Even though we don't own a business anymore, we still like to to there for the inexpensive silver jewelry.

We left downtown and headed straight for Mint Julep. There, I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer Worth Shift in Frisky Business and a coral polo. Then it was lunch a couple of doors down at Cafe at Pharr. We got the walnut chicken salad. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Everything is homemade, even the croissants.

At Lenox Square, I went to Kiehl's and stocked up on products. I was out of everything. I bet they loved me. While in the mall, we wandered around. I couldn't leave without cruising Kate Spade.

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crabbygirl said...

I love Atlanta. I currently live in Houston and do not think that it holds a candle to Atlanta for shopping. I will probably be strung up for saying it but it's true!!