Wednesday, 2 June 2010

National Iced Tea Month

In case you haven't already heard, June is National Iced Tea Month. If you live in the South, every month is Iced Tea Month. Southerners are known to drink iced tea year round, even during a blizzard. When the blizzard of 1993 hit, I rushed home from work and started brewing iced tea. I didn't want to get caught without electricity and no iced tea. I drink iced tea 365 days a year, 366 days a year during leap year. One time I was in Salem, MA during October. I ordered iced tea and was told by the waitress that they didn't make any that day. BFF MAB laughed and said, "Oh, is it out of season?" The waitress replied, "Well, it is October." We got a good laugh out of that.

Most Southerners take theirs with sugar, but since I watch my calories, I use Sweet n' Low. I also either use lemon, orange or lime slices. Sometimes when I brew tea, I'll use a mint tea bag. I love mint tea. Most Southerners are partial to Lipton, but I buy Red Rose or Red Diamond. Red Diamond is a local company. I don't see it much outside of Alabama. Red Rose is a Canadian brand. It tastes like Lipton used to taste.

One of my favorite places to get iced tea is Captain D's. I don't like the fish, but I love their tea. I always get a large unsweetened iced tea with extra lemon. I like at least 3 or 4 wedges of lemon. I also use 2 packs of Sweet n' Low. I like to go inside when I buy it, so that I can fix my own.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday, and don't forget the iced tea.

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Anonymous said...

No laughing here... but I don't drink iced tea. I feel like I'm dishonoring the month. Does it count if The Consort lives on it?

Sending you a smile Miss Pink Cupcakes,

PS: BTW, how is Queenie's conjunctivitis?