Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I talked to my mother tonight and she said that Bo is doing some better. She said that he has a good appetite. She said that he is walking farther without losing his balance. I hope he makes it. He is so much company to my mother.

For the past two nights, I have come home and exercised along with some old Gilad exercise videos. I'm very careful with the aerobic exercises. I march in place if it is something that I feel may be uncomfortable for my foot. I mainly want to concentrate on my abdomen and thighs. I'm going to try the exercises for two weeks and see how it goes. I think they will also help with my coordination. Since my accident, my coordination is off. I tried on one of my favorite Talbot's wool skirts this morning. It almost fit. I figure that if I lose five more pounds it will fit like I want it.

Last night after I exercised, I went over to BFF MAB's new house. She closed on it last Thursday, but she's waiting about a month to move in. Her brother is doing some minor remodeling projects right now. The house is beautiful, and I imagine that it will be even more so after the remodeling. Once she gets her furniture and stuff in there, it will be a home.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

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