Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Today was day three of my strict diet and exercise regime. It is 8:30 and I have made it. Now, if only I can keep it up for 9 more days. I really don't have a goal. I just want to be able to fit into my favorite clothes. I haven't weighed in over a year, but I have a good idea of about how much I weigh.

I still wear my Tretorns every day, but I hope to back into regular shoes by October 1. I wear my Tretorns with everything, dresses, pants, capris, skirts, etc. I ordered socks from Now I have socks to match everything.

Do any of you still wear your add-a-bead necklace? I'm thinking about getting mine out, cleaning it and wearing it. I have a pair of earrings that I want to wear, but my add-a-bead is about the only necklace that I have that will coordinate with it. I don't want to look too dated.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.

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Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Hi, Tammy. I need to do something about my extra L-B-Ss, as my husband calls them and was wondering if you would share with me what you're doing. I did WW last fall and lost about 15 pounds but have put 10 of them back on. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your regime on your blog, will you please email me? pinkandgreenpup{at}gmail{dot}com.
xo xo,