Saturday, 7 August 2010

I'm sorry that I haven't posted much this week. It's been a boring week.

If you live in the Alabama area, this weekend is the tax free weekend. Even though I don't go to school or have kids in school, I still have to go and stock up on "supplies". This year, I really don't need anything. I have a good stock of notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. I don't have to get out in the crowd. Note to self: Stay away from Target this weekend.

I have a decorating question. I am a fanatic about Johnson Brothers Blue Willow. I have just about everything. Sitting about in my small kitchen are a few pieces of Blue Willow such as canisters, trivets, utensil crocks, etc. My linens are from the pink and green collection at Williams Sonoma, plus I have pink and green utensils in my crock. My question is: Does this clash? It doesn't cost very much to change things. I've thought about eliminating the green and just keeping the Blue Willow and pink. What do you think?

BFF MAB is taking me to lunch for my birthday. I need to start getting ready. I think I'm going to wear one of my new Lilly shifts. I think I'm going to wear the one in the Creme Fraiche pattern. That will be cool and comfortable.

I hope everyone enjoys what's left of their Saturday.


Suburban Princess said...

Why dont you take a photo and show us so we can decide if it clashes?

megan chloe said...

cute blog =)
hey, im your newest follower! could you please return the favor??