Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes. I had a nice quiet day.

Tonight after work, I stopped by Belk's to see what Lilly that they had on sale. I bought two shifts, the Multi Gator Patch pattern shift and the Cream Fraiche pattern shift. I also bought a white polo with the light pink palm tree. I thought it would go great with my pink chino capris. I've had a hard time finding a top to go with them.

After I left Belk's, I headed to Target. When I was about a mile from Target, the temperature on my car read 102. When I got there, it was raining and the temperature was 81. What a difference. After I paid for my purchases, I noticed that the checker had put my cheese in the same bag with my Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and my Noxzema. What was she thinking? I asked for another bag. I don't think she got it.

In my mail today, was a card that I can use to get 15% off any one day at Talbot's for the month of August. Last week, I got a card to use to get a discount at Brooks Brothers. I think I may use the Talbot's discount card to buy my mother her birthday present. She wants some tops to wear when she goes on a New England cruise in a few weeks. I told her that we will go shopping in a couple of weeks and we will get her some tops.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.


crabbygirl said...

I miss Belk's so much. sadly they do not have them here in the stinky state of Texas,lol. Love your blog!!!

Steph said...

Happy belated birthday! Things are so crazy here, I am behind on my blog reading!