Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I didn't feel very well this morning, but went to work anyway. I had a headache all morning. I figured that it was from the horrible weather that we are having. It went away after lunchtime. About 3:30, I decided that it was time to go, but I waited until 4:30. I stopped by Target and bought chicken noodle soup, bananas, diet 7up, and Tropa-Rocka Diet Snapple. After I got home, I started feeling better. I'm going to live on chicken noodle soup and bananas until Friday. If I feel like I can eat normal, I will start back eating normal.

I have to go to a wine & cheese party tomorrow night. I have been asked to serve wine. That will be good. That way I won't have to mix and mingle. I'm not a mingler.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.

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crabbygirl said...

I hope you are beginning to feel better. Have fun at the wine & cheese party. I completely understand about not being a "mingler". I am not a fan of small talk to people who usually don't care and say the same things to everyone there. Wow, I just depressed myself, lol!!