Friday, 8 October 2010

I have worn my regular shoes all week. It is working out well. I took the day off today, so I'm wearing my Tretorns.

Yesterday was a hectic day. We had a performance celebration during lunch. The bank provided our lunch. We ordered grilled chicken, chicken wraps, roasted potatoes, and salad from Taziki's. We also had cake from Publix. Publix has the best butter cream frosting on their cakes. I was in charge of getting the food, and Queenie was in charge of the audio visual. We had a great time. The bank provided us with noisemakers and whistles, and we used them. The meetings were going on in several cities simultaneously by conference call. There were probably about 200 people involved. There were twelve people at our location. Two of the guys in our location won awards. One of the guys won the bronze medal (Olympic theme) and another guy won the silver medal. I work for the guy that won the silver medal. I wish that I could say that I had some input in it, but he is pretty self sufficient. I am proud of the two guys. They are much deserving. We didn't know the people that won the gold medal or the platinum medal. The guy that won the platinum medal is recovering from cancer. He rarely missed work during his treatments. He was able to work all of his accounts and keep everything in fantastic shape. He absolutely deserved his medal. It's nice to have fun time occasionally at work.

This has been a relaxing morning. Bo and I had a nice walk earlier. I need to walk some more. As soon as my mother gets back from the beauty parlor, we are going to run errands and then on to Wal-Mart. Tomorrow morning will be spent cleaning rugs. YUCK! But, it has to be done.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.


Mom on the Run said...

I'm not a fan of grocery store cakes, but Publix sure don't taste like any others....they're so good. Kroger's frosting is so yucky (although I usually shop at Kroger).

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun at the performance celebration! Kudos to the man with cancer who managed to keep working hard during his illness- how amazing and inspiring is that!