Saturday, 16 October 2010

I hope everyone is having a great day. Auburn won their game today. WAR EAGLE!!

Today was a beautiful day. Comfortable temperatures and not a cloud in the sky. But...we need rain in the worst way.

I did a little bit of house cleaning this morning. Later, I took BFF MAB to the Bright Star for lunch for her birthday. I had the Greek chicken and rice, squash and shredded cabbage with slaw dressing. Shredded cabbage with and orange slaw dressing is popular at a lot of restaurants in the area. The original John's slaw dressing is the most popular.

After lunch, we went to a place called United Textiles. MAB bought a lamp and a rug. I bought some fancy pillow cases for the pillows that I use on the sofa.

Later, we went to Sears to look at Lands End blankets. I saw one in the catalogue that I was interested in. The price was $69.50 and MAB had a $10 coupon. Sears did not have the blanket, but I did find a blanket that I liked that was marked down 60%. I bought three. Two green ones for the bedroom and a burgundy one to use as a throw for watching TV. All three were around $50. What a great price!

Tomorrow, I think I am going to relax and read. I bought season 1 of Poirot last week at Sam's. I may watch a few episodes of that.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

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