Thursday, 2 December 2010

I'm glad that it is finally Thursday. I left work at noon today and don't have to go back until Monday.

Tomorrow, it's back to Huntsville to do some Christmas shopping. I have my ducks in a row this time. I hope to get a majority of my shopping taken care of.

Have any of you ever bought anything from Sierra Trading Post? A few weeks ago, I purchased an Austin Reed skirt for less than half price. Tonight, I purchased a Barbour quilted jacket for less than $50. BFF MAB is going to reimburse me for it and let it be my Christmas present. What a great present! I can't wait until it gets here. I think it will go great with my Barbour muffler that I've had for years.

I have used Crane stationary for years. Yesterday, I read on The Preppy Princess that Crane & Co. is prostituting itself out and will begin selling stationary at Wal-Mart. I realize that it is not the same line that I have always purchased at the Crane store, but I feel like the brand has been cheapened. Now I need to find another stationer. Has anyone ever purchased Smythson of Bond Street? I figure if it's good enough for Grace Kelly, it is good enough for me. I noticed that the prices were not much different than Crane. Now to find a place to purchase it. I may call their store in New York and inquire. This is worse than the manufacturing of Waterford being moved to Poland.

I hope everyone has a good Friday.

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