Monday, 20 October 2008

Saturday, I went to eat at an Italian restaurant. I did not eat the Cobb Salad. I had a 10" pizza with sausage and mushrooms. I ate the whole thing. Then I went home and ate some candy corn. Earlier in the day, I went to Walmart. I bought two of the tees suggested by Tickled Pink and Green. I bought the green with navy stripes and the blue with navy stripes. I plan on wearing them with sweat pants around here and at the store.

Sunday, my mother and I went to my cousin's graveside service. We had to climb up a steep hill to get to the cemetery. Then we had to carefully walk back down. We held on to each other most of the way. They had to bring the casket up on a wagon pulled by a 4-wheel drive. It was a nice service. My cousin was an Episcopal priest. He died in Jackson Hole while on a hunting trip. They had to carry out on horse back. It took a couple of days to get him back to the resort.

After the funeral we went with my sister to appraise a huge house. The family that lived there was at the beach. The laundry room had laundry piled up everywhere. There were about 30 pairs of shoes on the floor and the dryer was open with laundry hanging out. In the kitchen, there were dirty glasses on the counter. Some had liquid in them. The dishwasher was open and the top rack was pulled out. The master bedroom was a disaster. There were diapers on the floor in the hall. I hope they weren't used. I really don't want to know. There were toys all over the driveway. My sister said that the husband must not have told his wife that she was coming to appraise the house. She said that she would kill her husband if he arranged something like this.

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