Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Yesterday, Queenie was telling me about her lunch at a trendy restaurant. I think someone took her to lunch. As she was telling me about her lunch, I noticed that her hair was dirty and oily. You would think if she were going to lunch with someone, she would wash her hair. You'd think she would wash it anyway. Today, I noticed that it has not been washed yet. YUCK!! I can't stand to see someone with oily hair. That's just plain lazy.

My apartment is a wreck. I am going to spend Saturday getting everything clean and organized. I am going to take everything off tables, desk, dresser and countertops and only put back what I want to go there. Everything else is either going in the garbage or packed up. I went to Target tonight to get a storage tub. They had the harvest colors on sale for $6.49. It's not the color that I want but it is $2.50 cheaper than the normal colors.

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