Saturday, 21 November 2009

Last night and this afternoon, I went out to a restaurant to eat. It is good to get out, plus I feel guilty for making my mother sit her and eat. We both hate being couped up in the house. Plus, we get to see people.

I think I fell for an email scam. I have an extra email account. I got a email from Window Live Hotmail alert. After I responded, I realized that is should have been Windows Live Hotmail Alert. I sent them info about me. I guess I need to report it to Hotmail. Maybe if I change my password right now, I'll be somewhat protected. Plus, I need to report it to Hotmail. It looked legit, but don't they all.

I hope that everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.


Miss Janice said...

I have fallen for the e-mail scams and recently fell for a facebook e-mail that caused huge problems for us!

Preppy 101 said...

I would delete the account and change to gmail. Hope you got it worked out!! xoxo