Saturday, 16 January 2010

Cell Phone Advice Please

I am in need of a new cell phone. Right now, I have a RAZR. Yes, I know it is outdated. I can't make up my mind with what I want to get to replace it. I have Verizon and am very happy with my service. I'm leaning towards the Razzle. Does anyone have this phone or know anything about it? The only thing that I use a cell phone for is to make phone calls, check the time, and contact lists. With this phone, I will probably use the notepad and the calendar. I really don't need the MP3 player, but you never know. I've also thought about getting a smartphone, just in case I decide in a few months that is what I need. I thought about the Samsung Saga.

What kind of cell phone would you recommend?


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I have Verizon and have the pink Blackberry. I too only used to use my phone to call and check the time. But I flippin' LOVE my berry! I'm commenting on your blog from bed using it right now- fabu!

Karen in CT said...

I'm a big fan of the Blackberry. I would recommend either the new Curve or the Tour (I have the Tour myself). Great keyboards, good audio quality on the phone and no one I have ever called has complained that they cannot hear or cannot understand what I am saying.

I use the calendar feature on mine for everything and the address book is great as well! I'm a big texter and emailer too and the BB is great for both.

BroncoMom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE my blackberry 8900!
I too can use my phone to blog, take pictures and then email them to my home email account, pick up my home and business email accounts and listen to music. It has the ability for notes and also a calendar to remind me of important dates. This phone is almost to good to be true.
Lots of luck to you trying to pick out the perfect phone just for you, it can be overwhelming can't it???