Saturday, 9 January 2010

Yesterday and today has been spent indoors. I did not get to go to physical therapy yesterday because the offices were closed. Most of the staff drives in from Huntsville or from off of the mountain, and you couldn't get here from those places. The next county over is under a state of emergency. Almost all of the roads are covered with a solid sheet of ice. Since it is a rural county, they don't have the equipment to take care of the ice. There have been some fools who think that they can drive on the ice without a 4-wheel drive. They found out the hard way that they can't. Our town is flat, so it is not so tricky getting around. Today, even though it is only 25 degrees outside, the sun is shining and has managed to melt some of the ice and snow. Let's just hope that it doesn't freeze back. We have plans to go out to eat tonight. I hope that we can. If not, I guess we'll eat canned soup.

It is fairly cool in the house. We can't get the temperature regulated. 72 is too warm and 70 is too cold. My mother lives in an older house with high ceilings (19th century air-conditioning) and hardwood floors. The wool rugs help some. I just bundle up in Cuddle Duds and sweats. I have a quilt and blanket to cover up with when I get a chill.

Since I've been staying inside, I have been walking around in the house with only one crutch. I am getting around better. I have six more PT sessions. The physical therapist said that I should be walking without crutches by the time that I'm finished. I forgot to mention that I have been able to stand up in the shower. For the past three nights I have been able to take a real shower and shampoo my hair. My mother does not have a walk-in shower. I've been taking sponge baths and shampooing my hair in the sink. I complained to a friend that I may not be very clean, but at least I make the effort. She said that was how people used to bathe before indoor plumbing.

When I go back to work, I'm going to have to learn how to get ready for work. I have been dressing in sweats and turtlenecks since October 20. I'm going to have to start learning how to coordinate all of my outfits with my lovely yellow and silver Nike's that I will be wearing for awhile. I have several new dresses that I bought at Brooks Brothers outlets. I guess I'll have to save them for next year. I've only worn makeup one time since October. I hope I can remember how to apply it.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend. I hope everyone survives this "Artic Blast". I think it will be warmer on Monday.

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the Preppy Princess said...

Glad you survived the snow, and love that you stocked up on diet pop (soda) before it arrived!

Good luck with PT this week!