Saturday, 23 January 2010

My mother left this morning going back the her house. I didn't cry, I squalled. I've been at her house since October 21. We've gotten so used to each other being there every day. We are really going to miss each other. I drove with her until she was on the part of the interstate so that she wouldn't have any confusion until she got to where she needed to exit. Luckily there wasn't much traffic. After I got her on the road, I went to the Publix for a few groceries and then to Edgar's Bakery for chicken salad, fruit and quiche. Now I am laying on the sofa with my foot propped up.

My first two days at work went fine. I wasn't very busy, which was good. When I got to work on Thursday, there was a vase of white and pink roses. They were from Queenie. She can be a pill, but she's got a heart as big as Texas. When I was at Publix, I bought her some Ghiradelli chocolate. She's loves chocolate better than anything. I'm going to put it in the bag with her Christmas present. Since she has been covering for me since October, I spent a little bit more on her Christmas present than I would have normally. I bought her a Lands End monogrammed purple cardigan. Purple is her favorite color, so she should like it. I hope it fits okay. She's close to the same size as my mother, so I ordered her the size that my mother usually gets. Everything that my mother ordered this year has been a little bit big.

Sitting in a car for a long time on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus sitting at a desk Thursday and Friday has caused my right foot and leg to swell. I decided that I'm going to lay around with my foot propped up on two pillows and drink lemon water. Maybe that will help the swelling. Even though my foot is swollen, I seem to be walking better.

I hope everyone enjoys the day.

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Suburban Princess said...

Awww I'm sorry you are missing your mom! I have a 30 hour tollerance limit with my own mom so I couldnt imagine 3 months!