Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I finally got some sort of bath. I stood in the shower, soaped up, and rinsed by dipping a cup in a pan of water. With the small stream of water, I was able to fill up a dutch oven and a couple of pans with water. At least I was sort of clean. And, of all days. My team leader was in town. She is very nice. She treated Queenie and I to lunch at Brio's. YUM!

The water is back on and everything is back to normal...for now. I just hope that I have water in the morning.

My duties and responsibilities are increasing at work, which is a good thing. I like to be busy (but not too busy). I was supposed to have my review at the beginning of December. I still haven't had it yet. When I emailed my team leader, she never responded. Today, I came up with a plan. I am going to outline everything (and I mean everything) that I did last year. Then I am going to email it to her. If she doesn't respond, I'll go to the department head. I hate to do that, but I need to take up for myself. I can't get my annual salary increase until I have my review. I hope it won't come to that.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday.

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