Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Last night, I watched Rear Window. It is one of my favorites. Tonight, since there is nothing on, I am watching Making the Grade. Talk about your preppy overload. It's lame, but I love seeing all of the preppy fashions.

This afternoon on my way home from work, I stopped at Sears. I bought a Lands End sleeveless navy shift and a Lands End apple green cardigan. The cardigan is so Lilly looking. I think I may order the shift in khaki and a turquoise cardigan. Since I don't have to wear the silver and yellow big Nike's, I feel like I can wear dresses and skirts. I feel like I'm in college again with my skirts and dresses worn with my Tretorns. All I need is a pair of Tretorns for each outfit.

I went out to my car this morning and it was covered with pollen. All of the cars were covered, even the asphalt. It is supposed to rain after midnight. Maybe it will rinse some of it away. Then, there will be more pollen. I will be so glad when it stops.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.


Preppy 101 said...

I adore navy and green together!! Sounds so cute! xoxo

JulesTX said...

I simply adore the color of green apple - great choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's not lame that you watched that, that is one we love, you can never look at those styles too much!

And it sounds like a great combination you put together, classic elegance in a great color combo, good for you! The rewards for your hard work on the May diet are definitely in order.

Sending you a smile, and wishing I could go shopping with you!