Sunday, 4 April 2010

We had a great day today. After church, we went over to my sister's house for a delicious meal. Afterwards, the kids enjoyed hunting Easter eggs.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but my sister has four foster children. The three youngest are under 4 years old. The youngest has been living with her since September. He wins everybody's heart. The oldest is in high school and plans on living with them until he graduates college, yes college. He is a great kid. The other two are biological siblings and have only been living there for about 3 weeks. The newest children's mother wanted my sister and her family to attend church with her. My sister declined because she didn't feel like she should give up her day at her church for her. DHR asked the mother to attend our church. She did, which could have been an awkward situation, but the mother acted normal. Maybe the mother will get her children back soon. She had a drug problem, but has been clean for a short time. The children adore her. The youngest one's parents have some health problems that hinder them getting him back. They told my mother that they were glad that he lived in a household that loved him.

As I said above, the foster children's biological mother attended church with us and then came over and ate Easter dinner. She seemed fairly nice and appreciative of my sister's hospitality. The only thing, she didn't seem sad to leave her children there. Maybe she was putting up a good front. If those children are meant to go back to their mother, so be it.

I hope everyone had a good Easter.


crabbygirl said...

I am so glad your family is able to provide a loving and stable home to these children. I truly hope that their biological mom was just being strong for the kids to make the seperation easier. I wish her the best of luck with her recovery.

...All Things Refined said...

Praise God for a family like yours! A true example to other.