Monday, 26 April 2010

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and the temperature was just right..not too hot and not too cool. I took advantage of the nice weather and ran a few errands.

Today, it is cloudy and cool. I stopped by Barnes & Noble on the way home and picked up the two latest paperbacks by Laura Childs. If you like mysteries, you'll like Laura Childs. I read the Tea Shop mysteries and the Cackleberry Club mysteries.

I'm thinking about taking a short trip to Natchez soon. Has anyone been? I would love some suggestions for restaurants and shopping. While there, I plan on touring Monmouth, Stanton Hall, Longwood, and a couple of other historic homes. Any suggestions?
One more thing. Don't forget that Mother's Day is coming up. Check out A. Tierney and get 20% off.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


the Preppy Princess said...

All of the A. Tierney ideas look good, although the necklace is bit over the top. Thanks for the 20% off tip! I'm actually in the middle of "The Help" right now and loving it.

BTW, the tick story several posts back is hysterical... the whole vet notion is too bizarre!

Smiles at you Miss PC&T,

Miss Janice said...

Even though I have a home in Mississippi and lived there for many years, I've never been to was always on my list, but never made it. I've heard it's fun!