Monday, 23 May 2011

Saturday, my mother and I were walking Bo.  A friend of the family stopped her car and started chatting.  She was on her way to her DAR meeting.  Something was mentioned about me getting involved.  Then the friend scolded me for being lazy and not getting my stuff together.  I decided that I would attempt to get my ducks in a row and then I would express interest in joining. 

A few years ago, I helped a cousin's widow with information to get her daughter in Colonial Dames.  In one of our last conversations, she mentioned that she would make copies of everything and send to me.  She said that she could certify them since she was a regent.  I never received them.  I'm thinking about getting up my nerve to ask her for assistance.  She had no problem asking me for help.  I need to work on composing an email to her.  I hope she remembers mentioning it.  Maybe the information that she has will also assist me in getting into the Colonial Dames.  You never know.

I am taking Friday off, so I only have three more days this week.  I hope it doesn't drag.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

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Beth Dunn said...

I've been procrastinating on my DAR app too!