Thursday, 17 July 2008

I don't know why, but I'm sitting here watching "Jaws". I just saw it about 3 weeks ago at the Alabama Theatre. There's nothing else on TV.

The tomatoes are almost gone. I am going to eat the last two for lunch tomorrow. They were good while they lasted. I love tomatoes and they are low in calories. Tomorrow evening after work, I'm going to Publix to buy ingredients for chef salads. That's what I'm going to eat all weekend. Hopefully, I'll notice a difference on the scales next Saturday.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I've had too much week this week. My boss is going on vacation, so I have to deal with all the nuts until he gets back. Maybe I can find someone to pawn them off on. Maybe Queenie's boss. I think most of this is his job.

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