Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Today was very quiet at work. Nobody in my area was there. I was able to catch up on some vacation plans. I also emailed BFF about 15 times.

Someone brought me 2 bags of garden grown tomatoes Saturday. I shared with a coworker (remember I gave away his produce a couple of weeks ago). I have been eating tomatoes for every meal. They sure are good. I don't know what I'm going to do when the gardens run out. I guess it will be back to the produce section at Publix for the hot house tomatoes.

It has been thundering outside for over 2 hours. It rained a little bit on the way home. I hope we get a little more rain. Maybe it will temporarily cool things off. Not to worry, it will be hot tomorrow. I'm ready for fall weather. I hate the heat.


Anonymous said...

A client of Toppy's brought him a ton of vegtables out of his garden yesterday. I've been eating watermelon and tomato sandwiches for two days.

Kathy said...

You've been tagged!

I love your blog. If you've done this before or are not into it I totally understand! I'm new to this process.