Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My computer is not working right. After I read all my blogs, I am going to turn off the surge suppressor and shut down everything. Maybe when it comes back on it will be okay. I can get to my MSN homepage. When I try to go to another site, I get the screen that says "Internet Explorer cannot access this site". My internet connection is good and everything else on my computer seems okay.

Queenie was back to her old self today. I don't know what came over her. She didn't seem to have as much work today. Maybe that was it.

I just went outside to get something out of my car, and it is still hot outside. I guess we're in for one of our hot Alabama summers. When it rains, it just makes it hotter.

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White Lily said...

Computers have a life of their own and they can get pretty argumentative. I hope everything will work out eventually.