Saturday, 14 February 2009

Brit Coms

Everybody has been posting about Brit Coms lately. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you have missed out. Brit Coms are British comedies that air on PBS. In Alabama, they air on Saturday nights. Since my father always worked in nice department stores, we have been huge fans of "Are You Being Served?" for many years. I also watch "Keeping Up Appearances" with Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced as "Bouquet") and her sisters Rose, Daisy and Violet. "To The Manor Born" tops off the evening. I used to watch "May to December", but it has not been on in years. I noticed on, they have several Brit Coms, plus "Coronation Street", which was a long running British soap. I haven't watched it yet. Maybe in a few weeks.

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Mom on the Run said...

I like Fawlty Towers, too, but it's not on that often. Ours are on Saturday night, too, on GPB. We get Hyacinth, a couple of forgettable series (I skip around), then To the Manner Born...which hasn't been on for ages. I'm glad it's back. I like Coupling, too, but now it's on BBC America.

And my all time favorite, hands down, is The Vicar of Dibley.