Monday, 2 February 2009

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good. I went to Huntsville Saturday. I didn't make any interesting purchases.

Yesterday, I watched the Super Bowl. I'm glad that the Steelers won. I thought Jennifer Hudson did a great job on the Star Spangled Banner.

There is a floor in our building that was recently vacated. There's a table up there that I want. It has a cherry finish and Queen Anne style legs. The top is scratched and dirty, but the front and legs are in good shape. I want to bring it home to use as a TV table. I figure that I can clean it and then put a table runner over the top. I asked Queenie's boss and he referred me to a lady that handles the properties. I haven't heard back from her. I should have asked my boss. He might have told me to just go get it and take it home. I figured that I needed to go through the proper channels. If I have to buy it, I don't want to pay a lot for it. It's not worth that much. Wish me luck.

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Preppy 101 said...

Good Luck!! It is fun to get a piece like that for free :-) Hope you get it!!