Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Queenie was out sick yesterday. I'm assuming it was a digestive ailment. She claims that she ate some mayo that was in the fridge at work that was bad. She said that she didn't see a date on it, but ate it anyway. If I can't find a date on something like mayo or salad dressing, I don't eat it. She was also bragging about finishing a blanket that she was crocheting. She was supposed to be real sick.

Has anyone ever bought Eastland penny loafers? I am thinking of ordering a pair. I have narrow feet and the Bass does not come in narrow widths, but the Eastlands do. They look almost like the Bass Weejuns that I wore in college. Also, spring will be here before you know it, especially here in the South. I need some shopping advice. I like straight skirts that are about 30". I have a few from LL Bean, but they don't carry them any more. Does any one know of a brand that does? Also, I like the straight shifts. Any besides Lilly Pulitzer?

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Preppy 101 said...

J. Crew has a straight skirt, but I am not sure about the length. Also, Banana Republic has one this spring. Tory Burch has some cute dresses/not really Lilly colors, but cute!

I love loafers!! I have the tasseled Bass Weejuns! :-)