Saturday, 14 February 2009


I hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far. We've started closing the store an hour earlier on Friday and Saturday nights. I get an extra hour of sleep on Friday nights. I feel better on Saturdays.

I told y'all about the woman that works at the store during the day. We've suspected her of stealing. We figured out how she was doing it. She would ring up a customer's purchase and instead of hitting total she would hit ALL VOID, then take the cash. My mother came up with a plan to make everyone, including her and me, log all of our ALL VOID transactions, plus the reason. She told them that her accountant was requiring it. Maybe that will halt it without having to say anything to her. We've known the woman since she was a teenager. When she was in school, she was bad news. She ran away from home and went to Atlanta and was practically living off the streets. She made a deal, if she could get home, she would listen to her mother and staighten out her life. She did and she is trying to make sure that her son does not end up like she was. My father was so proud of how she had done. It would kill him to know that we suspected her of stealing. She was so good to him...and him to her. We think she may have bben having money problems. We didn't want to confront her, because we were afraid that she would walk out. We really need her (and I think she knows it). She orders everything. She knows how to negotiate with vendors. She gets us the best prices that are available.

Yesterday, Queenie's husband came to work and started hauling off the things that she had purchased from the vacant floor. She bought 8 filing cabinets. Not just the two-drawer and four-drawer, but big lateral filing cabinets like that is used in a file room. He worked several hours taking them out. The maintenance man said that she took everything but the carpet. I was able to get my mother a nice small credenza type filing cabinet with a cherry finish. It was the only one left...Queenie got the others. I also got BFF a filing cabinet and a bookcase and table for me. Yes, I got my table that I was telling about earlier. A woman on another floor said that she could refinish it for me. When I asked her how much she would charge me, she said, "Not a thing". Can't beat free. I'm going to discreetly find out what she drinks and get her the premium brand. For some reason, I think she drinks bourbon. If that's the case, I may get her a big bottle of Woodford Reserve. I wasn't going to refinish the table. I was going to clean it up and cover the top with a table runner. I'm still going to have to get something to cover the top. I plan to put my TV and DVR on it, and I don't want to ruin the top. Maybe, I can find some clear vinyl or some cute vinyl placemats at Target. I wish I had bought some Cynthia Rowley placemats last summer, but who knew?

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of your weekend.

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milk and cookeez said...

I think I missed this but what kind of store do you work at?
I love the comings and goings of Queenie-thats the best part of my day :) Shes a winner! thanks for the good reads-the other tammy b, thats me :)