Sunday, 28 June 2009

Friday was a sad day at work. It was two of my bosses's last day. I cried off and on all afternoon. Queenie left early to go to Georgia to see her father. He had a heart attack several weeks ago, and Friday he took a turn for the worse. They didn't expect him to live. I cried for her, because I knew what she was going through. I got a call from a woman in HR. She told me who I would report to. She also told me that in 90 days, my position would be re-evaluated. If there was a vacant position, I will be moved to it. If not, I will be displaced. I don't want to wait 90 days. I think I am going to talk to our former Chairman of the Board and see if he can arrange for July 31 to be my last day. Everyone tells me that I should go ahead and leave. If I am displaced, I will get close to 8 months of severance, 9 days vacation pay, plus I can draw unemployment benefits. I just don't feel comfortable being out of a job.

Saturday, my mother and I went to Huntsville. I really was along for the ride. At Belk's, I bought a blue/green Lilly shirt dress for $49.50. I couldn't pass it up. I also bought a pair of faux tortoise Ray Ban Wayfarers. I spent a little more and got the polarized lenses.

I was outside a lot this weekend. My arms and legs are eat up with mosquito bites. I've coated them with Benedryl cream. I took a Benedryl tablet a few minutes ago. I think I may be asleep soon.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.

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