Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. I felt better today. I decided that if I take another position in the bank, it will just be a band-aid. In a couple of months, that position will be gone. I have made a lot of progress on my resume. I am going to get my sister to read over it and make it sound wonderful. Probably, if I can find a job before the end of the month, my boss can arrange for me to be let go. That way, I will collect my severance. I really don't want to go one day without a job. I think finding a job before the end of the month may be a fantasy. I have a few places that I want to check out. My boss said that he would help me any way he could. The only problem is when I start to talk to him about it, I start crying. The only time that I've let him see me cry was at my father's funeral. My mother wants me to move back home. I don't know if I am ready.

I went to lunch with BFF MAB today. She went through something similar a few years ago. She gave me a bunch of pointers. Plus, she works in HR at a large bank and she knows the laws. I shared her pointers with my coworkers. Our conversation really helped.

I hope everyone has a good Friday.

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hicktowndiva said...

Hang in there, Tammy! Something great is coming your way, I just know it. Have a good weekend!