Monday, 29 June 2009

I was talked into waiting 90 days to be displaced. My boss did not want to let me go without having a job. I decided that if I stay the 90 days, I will do such a great job that I will make all of the other assistants look bad, not really bad, but not quite as good as me. They may want to keep me, but I doubt it. If a good job comes along, I am not going to turn it down. The man that I will report to is such a nice guy, but his assistant is dead common. Her chest is surgically enhanced and she displays about 3/4 of it. She's really dumb. She thinks that her assets are all she needs in life. She's not a team player. She tries to delegate all of her duties to someone else. I'm afraid that she will do that to me. I'll have to wait and see.

Queenie's father passed away this morning. I felt so sorry for her. She is the one in the family that has to shoulder all the burdens. Her family really takes advantage of her. We decided that we would take up money to help her with some of her expenses, but we are afraid that it will go to her family. I guess we'll just have to take that chance.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


Preppy 101 said...

Glad you are staying for a while longer. I hope they see your value and keep you. Have a good day tomorrow.

KK said...

Good for ypu for sticking around. Hang in there!!