Monday, 14 December 2009

I had a very busy weekend for someone that is temporarily mobility challenged. I'm tired today, but it was worth it to get out and do things.

Friday night, my mother and I went to a Christmas party around the corner. The hostess had a chair and ottoman fixed for me. The food was good and the guests were all fun. We played dirty Santa and I got the gift that my mother brought. I told her to not say a word. She doesn't like it when people chose their own gift.

Saturday, we picked up a couple of her friends and rode to Huntsville to eat and see the luminaries. We went to Logan's for the early bird. We like to get a cheap meal every once and awhile. After we ate, we rode to the Twickenham district, which is the old historic district. They did not have the luminaries because it was misting rain, but we were able to drive around and look at the beautiful old homes and the tasteful Christmas decorations. My mother's friends had never taken the time to ride around the historic district.

Sunday, my mother and I went back to Huntsville to finish Christmas shopping and to buy a few necessities that we cannot buy locally. We went to Target, Belk's, Dillard's, Talbot's, Sam's, Panera Bread, and Publix. She went in while I stayed in the car. She said that she didn't get tired. I think she was glad that she was getting so much accomplished.

I am so glad that Dillard's sells Kiehl's now. I have used their Blue Herbal line for years now. I have been wanting a small bottle of Creme de Corps for my dry skin, but nowhere in this part of the state sells it. Dillard's started selling it a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, my mother went in and picked me up a bottle of the Creme de Corps and a bar of the Grapefruit scented moisturizing soap. Hopefully between the two of those, I can tackle my dry skin problem. My face is oily, but my skin from the neck down is dry.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of your Monday.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I have thwe same skin- oily face and dry everywhere else. I love thick body butter in the winter. But have yet to figure out how to rid my face of oils!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful they have Kiehl's at Dillards now! I;m glad you were able to get out and about Friday for something fun.

Thank you for the tag, I did the post today!
Smiles at you,

Preppy 101 said...

So glad you got out and about!! xoox