Thursday, 10 December 2009

Last night, I watched Funny Farm with Chevy Chase. I just love that movie. I just love Bud and Betsy, the preppy couple that want to buy the house. They drive up in their Jeep Wagoneer wearing a duffle coat and buffalo check coat. Betsy is so 80's stylish with her boiled wool jackets and brooches at the collar of her blouses. I would love to have an LV wrist clutch like the one that Betsy carries.

My mother went out to run some errands. While she was out, she stopped at the Bake Shop and bought me a dozen thumbprint party cookies. And, I wonder why I can't keep my weight down. I can eat an entire dozen in the 4 blocks from the Bake Shop to the house. (they are really small, maybe 2 bites each) These are really festive. Some have white icing and the other have red icing. I like to get them in the spring and summer when they have pink and green icing.

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I tagged you! xoxo