Monday, 31 March 2008

Today my coworker and I had to go to the 10th floor of our building to get set up for the monthly board meeting that is tomorrow. We used to have an executive dining room there, but it closed a couple of weeks ago. Coworker had to get the material in the books for the board members, and I had to find some beverages to serve the board members. In order to get to the 10th floor, you have to have a security card. When we got there we thought we heard a noise, but decided that it was the elevator doors closing harder than normal. Coworker went to the board room and I went to the kitchen. While I was looking for my keys, I heard a noise at the end of the hall. I looked up and saw the door at the end of the hall close. I thought it was coworker going into the ladies room to get water for the plants. I went to the board room to check and she was still there. I told her what happened and she called security. The door that I saw close was the door to the fire stairs. There is no re-entry to the 10th floor from the stairwell. After that we worked together and never separated. Someone was up there with us when we got there. Another odd thing - when I was up there Thursday, there were several table cloths stacked on a table in the auditorium lobby. Today they were on the bar in the serving area and one of the table cloths was spread on the table. Also a chair had been moved from the auditorium to in front of the table. Needless to say, we will not be going up there alone ever again. How spooky!

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