Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I haven't had too many Queenie stories lately. She was on vacation last week, plus she has been acting almost normal, until today. This afternoon, we had a visit from a very top executive from the Toronto office. He's a very nice man, but he is a top executive. As she was passing the Vice-Chairman's area, she announced in a very loud voice, "I ate something today that has messed up my stomach." Yes, let the entire floor know. Ever since the mail guy told my boss that "something he ate gave him the runs", I don't even think about digestive systems. It seems like Queenie lost all of what little decorum that she had. She left early so she didn't have to repeat her story. Earlier she kept trying to talk to this other assistant, but the assistant would not turn around. Turns out the assistant was on a phone call. I'm thinking that she may be out sick tomorrow. I almost forgot. Yesterday, she was wearing a low cut tank top that had bedazzling around the neckline. It wasn't cute, it was trashy looking.

It has finally stopped raining, but not before several of our buildings started leaking. The operations center was leaking really bad. The ceiling fell in some areas. It hasn't rain like that in over 2 years.

Have a happy Wednesday.

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