Saturday, 16 August 2008

I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics. What about that Michael Phelps? I didn't think he made it, but the touch pad says it all. Former hometown girl, Margaret Hoelzer won silver. She was beaten by her former roommate, Kirsty Coventry (but I guess you already know that). As I was watching, 3 Auburn folks won medals in about 30 minutes, Coventry, Margaret and Cesar (from Brazil). I've never seen anyone as excited as Cesar was. I don't think he could believe it. I'm not going to be at home this evening, so I'll have to record it so I can watch it when I get back. Maybe the swimming won't happen until I get home.

BFF MAB is taking me out to eat for my birthday. At noon, I have to go to a picnic. I am going to have to work hard to stay on my diet. I am going to take MAB some of my cheese straws. I won't take her a lot, because I don't want to ruin her diet. A few won't hurt.

I am a very paranoid person. If I hear a car horn blow, I automatically think they are blowing at me because I did something wrong. It could be somebody blowing at a friend. Monday, on the way to work, my "Service Engine Soon" light came on. The owner's manual says that either something is wrong with my fuel injection or my gas cap is not on properly. When I got to work, I took off my gas cap and screwed it back on. That was what it was. My light did not reset. Finally last night when I was leaving McAllistar's, I noticed that it was off. I was starting to worry that something was wrong with my fuel injection. I have been a nervous wreck all week. I was really at a loss as to where to take it to get it serviced. I bought my SUV in South Pittsburg, TN. I can't take it there. There is not a GMC dealership in Birmingham that is convenient for me or those that would have to give me a ride, and the one where my mother lives is not all that good. Believe it or not, I take my GMC to the Ford dealership when I need something. They offer good service. I'm going to take it there in a few weeks to have them check everything before I drive to Virginia.

Only two weeks from today until Auburn Football. WAR EAGLE!!

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend.

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Preppy Chemist said...

War Eagle! I can't wait until the Vandy Auburn game! :)