Saturday, 9 August 2008

I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night. I was impressed as was everyone that came in the store. I like the Ralph Lauren outfits that the US team wore. They looked very classic. The outfits the Chinese wore did not look as bad as the news led you to believe. I think Yao Ming is a cool guy. He seemed to be in the spotlight at the end (of course, how could anyone miss him, he's so tall). I was very touched by the little boy that walked in with him. He'll remember last night for the rest of his life.

Tonight my mother and I have to go to the reunion of the National Guard company that my late father was in. They invite families and widows. It is really boring. We go so they don't think we have abandoned them. My mother said she is doing it for my father. I don't think he would care if we continued to go or not, but I know the others would talk about us if we didn't.

There is some man sitting at the end of the parking lot of our store. He has a truck load of watermelons. So far, he has not had the first customer.

I ordered some leather Tretorns last week. They were on sale. I got the white on white. I would have liked to had the navy on white, but they did not have them in my size. They are a tad loose, but I'm going to keep them. I may have to wear a little thicker sock with them. Go to Tretorn's website and click on sale. They only have the leather on sale. I did see some canvas in children's sizes. I usually visit about once a week to see if there is anything that I am interested in on sale.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


hicktowndiva said...

Hi Tammy--I will have to check out that Tretorns sale. I love leather sneakers because I like mine to stay real white and canvas just get dirty even if you wash them.

the pink putter said...

I love Tretorns and have been considering buying another pair. I may have to check out the sale.

I thought the Ralph Lauren outfits on Team USA were great. I don't know if you watch Project Runway or not, but they had the designers create an outfit for Team USA for the opening ceremony this week. I'm really glad that they didn't use the winning design because the RL outfit was much classier.