Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I thougt it was supposed to be in the upper 40's tonight, but it's going down to 24. So much for it warming up.

My cousin called me Sunday night wanting to know if my sister and I would help with a baby shower for her daughter-in-law. We immediately agreed because we like her and would do anything for her. Last night my cousin called to go over some details. Before she hung up, she told me that she felt like her daughter-in-law's family were just sitting around waiting on her to mess up. She said that DIL's family always treats her like a fifth wheel, and they go out of there way to make her fell inferior. She said that they are always bragging about their cruises and trips to Hawaii. I was enraged. My cousin is super sweet and would do anything for anybody. She always sees the good in all people. She used to always seem in control, but since her husband passed away about 10 years ago, she seems to have lost her self-esteem. I guess she wasn't ready to face the world alone. I decided that this shower is going to be THE shower. I am going to get revenge on the way they treat my cousin by having a great shower. I told my sister about how they treat our cousin. My sister can't stand to see anyone mistreated. I think we are going to serve cucumber sandwiches, cheese straws, mints, nuts, cake, punch, coffee and tea. Any suggestions for another sandwich or savory? I thought maybe a cheese ball. My cousin wants to keep it simple, but I want something good and fancy. I think chicken salad may be a lot of work. If my grandmother were still living, we would be having watercress sandwiches. She could make the best watercress sandwiches, but she didn't pass along her recipe (if she had one). I don't even know how to buy watercress. I've seen it at Publix, but don't know how big a "bunch" is. I have past issues of Tea Time magazine. I may consult them for ideas.

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