Thursday, 1 January 2009

Preppy Duds

Be honest, am I the only person that still dresses like this?
I'm almost like the girl in the bottom photo(photo courtesy of Heavy Tweed Jacket)

I have an outfit like the girl in the top left of this photo

(photo courtesy of Heavy Tweed Jacket)

I have been preppy most of my life and am comfortable dressing like the women/girls above.

Does anyone know what happened to Elizabeth at:

She was the original preppy blogger.

Does anyone besides me still wear oxford cloth button downs? If so, where do you buy them? Most of mine are from Brooks Brothers, but I would like some that are a little bit less expensive.

Y'all probably think that I have been so bored that I have blogged all day. Actually, I have gotten a lot of chores taken care of today.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are awesome Miss Cupcakes! Too cool!

As far as button-downs go, we have had great luck with Ralph Lauren. Now, we have to admit, ours are from a few years back before they put the pony on steroids, so the logo is small. We're not sure if it is still bigger than it used to be or they finally made it smaller again.

Happy, Happy New Year to you!

suburban prep said...

I too am 40 something and a good portion my wardrobe consists of many of the items pictured in the photos.

As for the oxford shirts, Brooks Brothers would be the only place or perhaps on line if you Google it.

suburban prep said...

Also wish I knew what happened to Elizabeth from Preppy Cafe.

Preppy 101 said...

I am serious - have you been to my house and photographed my closet!! I still wear the button-downs! I wear Ralph Lauren (mine are older w/the smaller polo insignia)... I also wear J. Crew and Brooks Bros! I like to have them laundered professionally - love the starch :-) Have the blackwatch plaid skirt, etc. I could go on and on! I used to read Elizabeth all the time, too. I wish we could find out what happened. She had the preppycafe and a blog - can't remember the name, but I don't think it exists either. Do you remember where she lived?

I left you an award - Check out my TCB post :-)

Lipstick said...

I love those pics! I like Ralph Lauren oxfords...I am always afraid I am going to spill something on my Brooks Bros clothes. I'm just clumsy that way.

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

My mother was never a fan of the longer skirts, so I grew up with shorter skirts. I do have plaid ones though and I wear an oxford at least three times a week. Vineyard vines are nice, but I'm sure they cost more than the BB ones. Also, when j.crew has them theirs are nice too.

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

I am also wondering about the Elizabeth at preppy cafe. What happened to her? There was also Suburban Cupcake--haven't checked that out in a while.

Mom on the Run said...

I also wear the Ralph Lauren ones from the outlet...I never noticed the pony getting bigger?

I think between us (J1, J2 and me) we have just about every color in stripe and solid.

Here's something really cute that we did to the girls' button downs (BTW, if you want to abbreviate, it's OCBD/oxford cloth button down...I learned that on Ask Andy's Trad Forum). Because things tend to walk away mysteriously when you live in a sorority house, we had their monogram put on the collar in back, really small. I was in line in Parisian one day about 6 or 7 years ago and saw a college age girl wearing hers like that and I thought it was so cute, and it works great to keep your own clothes in your closet when you live with a bunch of girls.