Saturday, 31 January 2009

Y'all are too funny. I guess I guilted you into commenting.

Queenie has been in rare form this week, as you can tell by the previous posts. Yesterday, she was complaining about another coworker that is always hobbling and talking about her ailments. We laughed and said, "That's you". When Queenie calls in sick, she has to explain each and every sympton of her ailment. The execs do not want to hear about it.

We think the girl that works at the store in the daytime might be stealing. She's work here for over 10 years, probably longer. She was always so good to my father. Before he died, he asked us to keep the store open as long as she would work. She is a great employee. She orders all the merchandise, negotiates prices with reps and keeps up with what's new out there. If she left, we'd be sunk. That's why it bothers us. We really can't operate without her. But...she's stealing money out of the register. We've caught her on tape. My mother doesn't know how to stop it. She wants her to get the message that we know, but doesn't want to come right out and tell her that she knows. It is worrying my mother, sister and I to death. We don't know what to do.


Preppy 101 said...

But, can you afford to keep her? Stealing from y'all when you are obviously so good to her is so disrespectful. Do you think she would stop is you confronted her, or would she just become sneakier??

Kappa Prep said...

Stealing is a horrible thing and thought she does have such a large roll if she cannot be trusted is she worth keeping? If you confront her I worry about her becoming angry or like Preppy 101 said, sneaky!