Saturday, 17 January 2009

We are still battling some cold weather down here. I know, I hate to whine since we don't have it near as bad as all of you up north. My mother has had it rough. She woke up yesterday to a house that was only about 50 degrees. There was no heat and it was 5 degrees outside. She called the man and he came out immediately. He said that her drain was frozen. He fixed it and she had heat. He also told her that he saw a leak and that she needed to call a plumber. The plumber came out and found something disconnected on her hot water heater. Reconnected and the leak was fixed. After she got to the store, someone told her that there was water in the back corner. She thought it was where ice from the ice machine had melted. No, the drain in the ice machine had frozen and it was flooding the store. My brother-in-law and his foster son came down there and cleaned up the mess and got it fixed. My mother said that they worked so hard and wouldn't let her pay them. Foster son wasn't thinking and poured the water from the shop vac out into the parking lot. It froze into a solid sheet of ice. He went to the dollar store and got some kitty litter to put on it. When we got home last night, we noticed that the plumber forgot to relight the pilot light in the hot water heater. We had no hot water. I tried to light it, but couldn't get it to stay lit. I had to boil water for a quick bath this morning. My hair is dirty but at least my body is semi-clean. To top it off, I weighed and I had gained 1 1/2 pounds.

Some of you have passed on awards to me in the past couple of weeks. To all of you, I appreciate it. I will forward them on soon. I've either been too busy or I forget. Don't worry, I am going to keep them going. Thanks again.

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Preppy 101 said...

Hope you get everything worked out and get some hot water for sure!! The cold is paralyzing, isn't it??