Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A few weeks ago, my sister and I hosted a baby shower for my cousin's daughter-in-law. Today, my cousin called me to tell me that the baby was born this afternoon. A little boy. She said he is so cute and looks like he may be a blond. I am so proud for my cousin. She's really excited about her first grandchild. My cousin had a very simple upbringing. They lived in an old run down house for many years. Everyone felt sorry for them and then we found out that they had more money than anyone in the family. I guess they didn't need it. My cousin married the only guy that she ever dated. They both had good jobs and had what they needed and wanted. They were the only couple that I ever met that had everything in common. She retired at 45 so that she and her husband could travel. Three weeks after she retired, her husband found out that he had a brain tumor. He passed away a year later. Even though he had a sarcastic sense of humor, he was a great guy. He would do anything for anybody. We still miss him.

On a funny note...Today Queenie informed me that the FedEx and UPS paks are made from recycled milk cartons. She figures that is the reason that her cat likes to play with them. I figured that they were cleaned with some kind of chemicals. Oh well, I may be wrong. I didn't argue with her. Her husband is the one that told her that, and he is a lot smarter than the rest of us. If you don't believe me, ask him. HA!

I have a place on the inside of my right leg just below my knee that looks like a bruise. It is discoloration that is left over from a mini bike accident that I had when I was about 15. Because of it, I always wear skirts and dresses that are about mid calf. Today, I wore a Lilly dress that came right at the bottom of my knee. I couldn't believe that I didn't feel self conscious. It was hard to get used to. I have two more new dresses that are the same length. Maybe this will get me to wearing skirts and dresses that are a more appropriate length for the times.

Thanks to the anonymous poster about Belk's charity sale. I heard about it while I was in the store. I may go to Belk's tomorrow night and pay the $39.99 and get a polo. There were not very many in my size and I'm afraid that they will be gone when I get there on Saturday morning.

I hope everyone has a nice Thursday.


DaisyGirl said...

I guess that was me, commenting about the Belk Charity Sale!

And guess what? You can go by there any time, and do a "pre-sale" for the charity sale.

Pick out your favorite polo, the associate with hold it and ring it up Sat. during the hours of 66-10 a.m. and you can go by and pick it up any time Sat.


Tammy B said...

Thanks, I went by and bought it tonight.