Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I think Saturday was National Rude Day. Everywhere I went, I encountered the rudest people.

First, I was on my way to get lunch for my mother and I. I don't know about where you live, but in Alabama, it is customary for people to pull over and stop when they meet a funeral procession. I was stopped at a stop light when the police blocked traffic for a funeral procession that was leaving the funeral home. I was the third car from the light. I lowered the volume of my radio, because I felt there was something tacky about me listening to Rick James sing "Super Freak". Some woman decides that she is going to turn right. The police stopped her before she could turn. All of a sudden, I heard a horn blow. It was the woman in the car behind me. She saw someone that she recognized and blew the horn at them. They must not have heard her, because she blew her horn again. All of this while the deceased and his grieving family passed solemnly by. HOW RUDE!

When I got back to the store with lunch, a customer moved back so that I could open the door and enter the store. I had my hands full and could barely manage the door. At least he could have opened the door. No manners.

The worst was nothing to me, but made me mad. A man came in the store and asked my mother if she could cash a check for him. Since we knew him, she said that she would. He proceeded to tell us that he had been working 18 hour days helping with the storm cleanup. He did not have time to go to the bank all week. He said that he finally had time to go to the bank on Saturday and got there at a few minutes before noon. He said that the OPEN light was on. He said as he was pulling under the canopy, the OPEN light went out. When he pulled up to the drive in window, the teller said, "Sorry, we're closed". He told her that all he needed was to deposit his pay check and get a little cash back. She then said, "Sorry, we're closed. We've already locked up our money in the vault." I could not believe this. I've worked at banks for years, and drive in customers in line at noon have to be waited on. And to do this to a worker who has been working 18 hour days helping people. My mother advised him to call the branch manager on Monday. I don't know if he did.

Now you see why I called it National Rude Day.

I hope you have a good Thursday! Don't let anyone be rude to you.


Anonymous said...

What a great phrase Miss Cupcakes, and how unfortunate the behavior was causing you to have to create it!

Miss Janice said...

I just can't take all this rudeness either!