Tuesday, 14 April 2009

We had a day without bad weather. I don't think it is suppose to rain again until Saturday. Hopefully, there won't be any storms.

I talked to my mother around 6:30 this evening, and she didn't have power. I talked to her an hour later, and she had found out that the power was back on. I read on the news that it may be Friday before everyone has power. My sister said that they bulldozed my mother's friend's house today. I know it was an extremely sad experience. She raised a family in that house. I know that they have lived there at least 35 years. Her son owns a large lake house that has a mother-in-law's suite. She is going to live there. She's lucky that she has two sons that live nearby, and both have large enough houses that she can live there and not be in the way. They take care of their Mama no matter what.

The closing of the store is going to be postponed for about a week. I just want to get it over with.

As I posted the other day, I have injured my heel. I cannot wear a shoe, except sandal or sneakers with socks. It hurts when I wear regular shoes. It's suppose to go down to the 40's tonight. I guess my feet will freeze tomorrow morning.

I hope everyone has a nice Wednesday.

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hicktowndiva said...

I hope your heel feels better soon...I am sick to death of this cold, wet weather, aren't you?