Saturday, 11 April 2009

Yesterday, in a meeting someone quoted something like "Some days you feel like a pigeon, and some days you feel like the statue". Yesterday, I was the statue.

I had to get the breakfast pastries for the meeting. I ordered them to be picked up at 7:00 am. I got to the bakery at 6:58 am and the girl was just starting to put them in the box. She was so slow. She acted like she was being careful not to break them. I was really getting nervous. I got to work at the time I meant to get there. I got our cart to take to my car to bring everything in. One the way to the car, I pulled the cart right into my heel. It hurt bad. I didn't think that much about it. As I was putting out the food and making coffee, my heel started hurting really bad. I looked down and it was bleeding. Queenie got me some big band aids. When I went into the ladies room to clean the cut and put on the band aid, I looked in the mirror. I had forgotten to comb my hair before I came to work. I was so embarrassed, because at the meeting I was recognized for bringing food and getting injured in the process. The mail guy was out, so I had to go to the post office. So, I hobble into the post office and there's hardly any mail. A lot of the postal workers took the day off and they did not have the mail out. I went back to the post office around 2:00 and got the mail. On the way out, it started pouring down rain. Not too worry, I still had not combed my hair. I can't believe I went to work like that. I am very particular about my hair. Every hair has to be in place. My heel was worse than I thought it was. I put Neosporene and peroxide on it and bandaged it up. Today it is better, and I remembered to comb my hair.

Around 3:30, I called my mother to check on the weather and she said it was bad. She said that there was hail and water everywhere. She told me to call her when I got about 30 minutes from home to see about road conditions. The main highway was blocked with downed power lines and trees, so I had to find an alternate route. It only took me about 20 minutes longer to get there. When I got there, I found out that there had been a tornado about 5 or 6 miles south of the store and then bounced across the river. Many huge lake homes on both sides of the Tennessee River were destroyed. All that were left of some were just splinters. There were reports of 3" hail. The man on the weather channel on Sirius said that 3" hail is the size of the largest apple you've ever seen in the grocery store. Many people saved some and put them in the freezer for evidence. Many car windows and house windows were broken. It was awful. Luckily no one in the area was killed. I heard that some people in Tennessee got killed. That is so sad.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

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