Sunday, 17 May 2009

My mother and I went to Nashville this weekend. On the way, we stopped at a shoe store in Murfreesboro. I got a pair of K-Swiss sneakers for $25. Friday night we met a group and at at Wild Iris Restaurant in Brentwood. The food was really good. I got the filet and it was wonderful. Saturday I had a meeting from 9:00 until 11:00. After that, we went to Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin. I wanted to go to the Brooks Brothers' "346" store. There, I bought 2 short sleeved cotton blouses; one in white and one in pink; a navy/white/kelly green argyle sweater vest, a kelly green polo and a pair of earrings. At Talbot's, I bought a baby pink 3/4 sleeve cardigan and a kelly green 3/4 sleeve cardigan. After a few hours there, we headed to Green Hills Mall. The only thing that I bought there was a tube of Kiehl's mascara.

As we were leaving Cool Springs, it started raining. We stood at the door and waited and waited and it never did slack up. We decided that maybe we should buy an umbrella. We then decided to wait it out. It finally slacked enough that I could get to the car. It rained off and on the remainder of the afternoon. It rained on us going home. The only problem is that between Monteagle, TN and South Pittsburg, TN there is 4 miles of steep grade. That, plus rain, plus 18 wheelers made me a little nervous. It was either that or risk hitting a deer on a two lane mountain road.

Today, I was so tired. After church, I just sat around and watched TV.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.

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