Sunday, 31 May 2009

My weekend did not start off very well, but all in all, I had a pretty good one.

I stopped by the post office Friday night to drop off the bank's mail. I usually just drive up to the mail boxes and drop it in. Since I had two boxes, I decided to go in. When I walked back out, a woman asked me if I was driving the black Envoy. She said that some man had hit me and was waiting for me. It didn't look that bad, but I'm going to have to get a whole new bumper. His foot slipped and he hit the gas instead of the brake. We had to wait for over 45 minutes for the police to get there to do an accident report. I felt sorry for him. He is 77 years old and seemed very nice.

Saturday morning, I got up, threw on some clothes and went for a walk. After I got back, I ate a bowl of oatmeal, went to get an estimate on my car, got my hair cut, helped my mother vacuum and wash her car at the car wash, went and got the car wash manager some lunch and was back home by 1:00. Later we went to eat at Wintzell's. It was delicious. I think everyone enjoyed my choice. Early Saturday morning, my sister brought her Yorkie over for us to dog sit until Sunday evening. He is so hyper, but we played with him enough that he slept all night.

My cousin spent the night with us and woke us up at 3:00 am talking in her sleep. I got up to go to the bathroom and while I was in there the telephone rang. It was Brink's security calling to say that the alarm was going off at the store. My mother explained that we no longer owned it. We started feeling guilty and called the police. We drove to the store thinking that we would reset the alarm and go on home. When we got there, the police told us to stay in the car until other officers got there. Someone had beat in the back door and stole cigarettes. Luckily, the security tape was running. The robbers had on hoods and had their faces covered, so we couldn't see their faces. We called the owner and he drove right over. The security guy at the restaurant next door said that there were two kids hanging around all night trying to bum cigarettes. He said that he knew one of them and would contact his parents. I hope that they catch them. The police didn't seem interested in investigating the scene. They took a couple of pictures and that was it. Finally they decided that maybe there might be fingerprints on the cartons that they had dropped. After the police left, we discovered that they had loosened the bulbs in the back lights and cut the phone lines and alarm lines. A policeman came back today, but did not seem interested in helping. Don't we pay their salaries?

This morning after church, my mother, her friend and I went to Huntsville. We had a good trip. My mother needed a new Rowenta iron and nobody local sold them, so we went to Target.

Thanks to Preppy Engineer for turning me onto GiGi's Cupcakes. She informed me that they are opening a store in Chattanooga. I also found out that they are opening a store in Huntsville. There goes my diet. If you live in the Nashville area and have never tried GiGi's, you don't know what you are missing. They are opening several locations this year. Go to their website and see if there will be one near you. YUM YUM!!


Preppy Engineer said...

Thanks for the shout out! Mr. PE and I are hoping to open the store in Chattanooga in September. You will have to come and visit! They are not very good for my Weight Watchers plan either...

Tammy B said...

I can't wait. Maybe we can lose some weight by then. I will definite come by for a visit. I've told some people that are excited about the store opening.