Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I was going to come home tonight, iron my clothes for tomorrow, wash my face, read my blogs and lay around and watch TV. Well, so much for that. When I opened my front door, I heard water. I went into the bathroom and water was pouring from upstairs into my bathroom. I ran to the closet and it was pouring in there and the ceiling was falling down. I covered my clothes with towels. Maintenance was here in just a few minutes and now has everything almost under control. I am so not in the mood to take everything out of my closet. I'm now waiting on the carpet man to get here to get the water out of my carpet. I was going to get all my housekeeping done tomorrow night so that I could chill this weekend. Now, I've got to deal with that. The leak is from my upstairs neighbors' apartment. He is not even at home. Boy, is he in for a surprise when he gets home. (Not as big of a surprise as I got - his is fixed) Wish me luck with this mess.


lisagh said...

ugh! What a pain. Good luck getting it all cleaned up.

hicktowndiva said...

Oh, honey. That is awful! Our laundry room/kitchen flooded when some pipes froze two years ago and it was such a mess. I really feel for you on this one.